I am a certificated “WASHO COOK” instructor on March 2016.
I have a certificate of licensed cook. And, I have cooked Japanese home cooking for my family for about 20 years every day!! I really love Japanese excellent dishes, and also cominucating with foreigne people.
Welcome to my warm ordinary Japanese home! My super friendly dog will also welcome you! So, I love dancing the flamenco and Hawaiian quilt.



After working at the airport, I became “WASHO COOK” instructor, manners lecturer.At the airport I learned to enjoy communication with foreigners. And, I was able to know about Japan again.
I would like to convey more Japanese food and Japanese customs to foreign guests.
Nagoya is the middle of Japanese traffic. Access to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka on a Shinkansen is convenient. Sightseeing is Nagoya Castle, Toyota Memorial Industrial Technology Museum, Tokugawa Art Museum & Tokugawa Garden.
Please come visit Nagoya. Very welcome always to visit Nagoya : )Let’s enjoy a time with Japanese food and communication at “WASHO COOK”vI’m looking forward to seeing you.




村嶌 知子

Murashima Tomoko

My interest in cooking was originally influenced by my mother who was a fabulous cook. Since then, I have lived in Germany and the United States, for a total of 12 years of cooking overseas. Cooking quickly became a tool of communication, and allowed me to make many friends. They say, where there’s good food, good people come together. My specialties are sekku (seasonal festival cooking), nimono (boiled and seasoned foods), and Japanese-style confectionery. In addition to the delicate and divine flavor of Washoku, the traditional methods of cooking Japanese food also inspire me. This combination is what makes Japanese cuisine such a wonderful food experience for all. I look forward to sharing the delicious taste and culture of Washoku with my foreign guests.

楠川 美江

Kusukawa Yoshie

I’m married to my husband who was boned in Ishikawa Prefecture. I am making delicious and healthy meals for my family everyday. I’ve learned from my mother-in-law the home cooking that uses local miso and soy sauce from the Hokuriku district. My specialties are general steamed cooking, hijiki, stewed pumpkin, tender taste of seasoned pork squares and so on. My aim is to teach how to prepare delicious, authentic Japanese cuisine to visitors of Japan. After learning traditional Japanese cooking methods you have fun cooking for your friends and family.

紺谷 潤子

Konya Junko

I love cooking since I was a child. I watched TV shows often, and made the recipes how was the taste.
I made a big dcision to study cooking in San Francisco when I was working at city office.
I have stayed in Berkeley where Alice Waters owns Chez Panisse restaurant.
She is a pioneer to start organice restaurant.
I was happy to live there because I admired her and wanted to be like her.
Moreover, I have experienced to help cooking classes and do sushi catering business myself.
After coming back to Japan, I realized Japanese family cuisine is one of the best healthy and delicious meal in the world.
I would lkie to introduce Japanese family cuisine to people from overseas.
I believe people from foreign countries will have fresh surprise and excitement when they learn in our classes.

水沼 由香里

Mizunuma Yukari

I had been cooking from a young age next to the mother who likes to cook, and naturally learn the basics of home cooking. In addition also interested in nutrition, get a registered dietitian national qualifications.
In college, I ate fake Japanese food in the first trip abroad.
I’m very shocked “This is not a Japanese food!”.

吉沼 直子

Yoshinuma Naoko

I am hosting N’s cooking school with my cooking teacher, to provide a place where people can learn the basics of Japanese cuisine cooking.
We would like to teach our students not only just cooking techniques, but also cooking intuition and know-how.
We can also provide Tsukiji and Kappa-bashi tour.
If you have particular Japanese cuisine you would like to learn how to cook, please send us a request.
This is a chance to learn from experienced professional and step up your cooking skill!

塚本 雅子

Tsukamoto Masako

A certified cooking instructor, nutritionist.
I live in Kamakura which is one of the famouse sightseeing spots in Japan.
I learned pastry in Paris and Japanese health food at a natural food restaurant in Tokyo where I used to work.
I teach baking at home now.
Not only to learn from my mother who is a wonderful cook but also to learn the spirit of hospitality.
I’d like you to have a fun and fulfilling life in Japan through cooking lessons.
Let’s enjoy cooking healthy Japanese food together!

森 真美

Mori Masami

Spent university life in the UK. I experienced cooking with foreign students while living in an accommodation of the university. I wish to cook with many foreign people who are interested in Japanese food. Please join our lessons.
Let’s cook together!

漁 章子

Isari Fumiko

For the expatriate’s family and permanent residents.
I have received instruction at the cooking classes while I was living in London, Prague and Istanbul for ten years.
Therefore I would like to introduce you easy washoku with ingredients you can buy in your country,
and also you will be able to learn about home party recipes suitable for all ages. Lets’ enjoy together!
If you want, I will make lessons at your home.

石嶋 郁子

Ishijima Ikuko

I have been living in Zama city almost middle of the Kanagawa prefecture for about 30 years after my marriage. I have just started “Himawari Kitchen”. Himawari means Sunflower and is the symbol flower of Zama city.
I was born and had been brought up in Kamakura. I liked the Japanese home cooking made by my grandmother at that time. Time flies, my grandchildren say “Grandma! Yammy!” and make me happy. Recently Japanese cuisine has been in the spotlight in the world. In Zama city there are many Americans working in the Zama Camp and their family and many foreigners from other countries, I wish I can enjoy cooking Japanese home cuisine with many of them at “Himari Kitchen” and sharing to be familiar with each other!

加藤 あずさ

Kato Azusa

I am a native Tokyoite who learned the basics of cooking from my grandmother and mother. I love food and cooking for my family and friends.
I am passionate about fostering cross-cultural exchange through the shared experience of home cooking. I am an avid traveler and have visited more than 40 cities, including my participation of a homestay program in England when I was a college student.
I have spent over ten years in the food industry as a manager of marketing and importing activities for a major Japanese producer of processed seafood products. I frequently visit my company’s overseas food processing plants, including more than 40 visits to Thailand on business. I continue to hone my culinary skills as I frequently participate in cooking and baking classes. I also teach baking.
Let me help you immerse yourself in Japanese home-cooking and give yourself a little “omiyage” of the ability to replicate delectable comforting Japanese dishes in your own kitchen back home. Let’s enjoy cooking together!

鈴木 淑子

Suzuki Toshiko

I live in Kanagawa. I was charmed by herb dish at a student. And I learned at an auberge of herb dish specialty after junior college graduated. I worked for an Italian restaurant after that. And I keep making various dishes for my family for 20 years. I’d like also to propose good home cooking of a balance to the nutritional side and the appearance for foreigner now. Japanese food often seems a process is complicated and difficult, but there are no such things. When you know several points, a repertoire of Japanese food would spreads. Enjoy Japanese food making by everyone beyond the nationality.

杉中 茉弥

Suginaka Maya

Since childhood, I was touched different culture and learning English conversation by my parents who hope to want you to play an active part by an international society.
When I was in high school, I went to short-term studying abroad in Finland.
It is great memory that is when I cooked “TAKOYAKI” and “SUSHI” for my host family and Finish friends,and their reaction was very fun.
After that, I entered University in US,and I have experienced international education.
About my cooking, I have studied Japanese home cook by my mother and aunt who are cooking very well. Also, I am really studying table coodinate and table crockery.
Therefore, I hope that to enjoy seeing and eating beautiful Japanese home style cooking for people from aboard.

江頭 せいこ

Eto Seiko

I was born and raised in the Tohoku region, abundant with nature from the sea and mountains.
And I learned cooking skills from my mother and the characteristics of Japanese culture that form the spirit of “WA” from my Great-grandmother and grandmother, who were masters of the Japanese tea ceremony and flowers when I was a child.
I used to stay in America and China, where I realized Japanese cuisine is healthy and well balanced.
After returning to Japan, I have worked at some foreign companies and exchanged ideas about culture and food with people from abroad.
Now I value the seasonal Japanese ingredients and recipes.
I’m looking forward to sharing with you how easy it is to cook genuine Japanese home-style dishes.